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Fic: World Spins Madly On (1/?)

Title: World Spins Madly On (1/?)
Author: Red
Rating: PG-ish
Pairing, fandom: Emily/JJ, Criminal Minds
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowing (no harm in borrowing, right)
Author's note: I'm starting another chapter fic.. not going to be an epic, tho. And well, I'm back on my usual angsty style, but the first chapter is a bit slow (like I said, I'm just starting to get myself to write again). Hope you'll like it. Your comments are much appreciated. :D
Dedication: 1. For my D, get well soon sweetie. Tequiero mucho!
2. For my lovely beta, Ex. You are awesome. Thank you!! *hands some cookies*
3. For my mb friends whom I can't mention one by one. Hope you enjoy it. :)



“Hey Emily, are you coming with us tonight?” JJ asked as she approached her colleague’s desk. She leaned on Emily’s desk casually, crossing her arms in front of her.

Emily Prentiss lifted her head from the case file she had been working on. “Huh?” was her only response. She hadn’t been listening to what JJ had said, nor had she been listening to whatever her other colleagues had been talking about. She had a lot of work to do; and her head had been pounding since she had gotten up that morning. All she wanted to do now was to finish writing her report and have a long nap at home.

JJ chuckled; it wasn’t the first time she had seen her friend so absorbed with work. She repeated her question, “I said, are you coming with us tonight? Somehow Garcia succeeded in reserving the best table in the club for us.” When she saw Emily frown, she added, “Don’t ask; we don’t want to know how.”

The brunette gave the younger woman a weak smile. Of course Emily knew how Garcia had done it – she was the one who had told the tech goddess to use her ‘family connections’ for reserving tables in that particular club if she needed.

“So? Are you coming?” the blonde asked again. It had been quite some time since the last time the team had gone out together to chill out and JJ missed that.

“No, JJ, I’m sorry. I don’t think I’m going anywhere tonight,” replied Emily. She gave her friend an apologetic smile before burying herself back into the report. She wanted to go – she missed hanging out with the whole team; especially with JJ and Garcia – and more especially with JJ. The younger woman had been her close friend ever since she had been reassigned to the BAU. She didn’t think going out was a good idea though. She didn’t feel well and she knew what would happen if she forced herself to go hang out with the team. She could not afford to get sick.

JJ was a little taken aback by Emily’s unenthusiastic response. She was hoping that the profiler would at least look disappointed at not being able to join them. She wanted to ask if something was wrong, but somehow the words that got out were, “Oh, okay.”

Emily nodded absent-mindedly. She didn’t see the hurt look on JJ’s face as the younger woman left her desk to talk with Morgan and Reid. 


The day had been slow, and without any emergency cases, so the team had time to finish writing their reports. At half past five, everyone was ready to leave – except Emily. She had had a hard time concentrating and kept on making mistakes so she hadn’t finished her paperwork yet. Morgan had heard the woman mutter something in a foreign language every time she had made a mistake. He had teased her about that but to his surprise, Emily hadn’t reacted

“You sure you’re not going, Prentiss?” the dark agent asked as he gathered his things. “Hotch gave us three days to finish that up,” he pointed out.

The tall woman gave him a tired smile. “Three days, that’s if there’s no other case that comes. I’ll have to do double the amount of work if there are any. No, thank you,” she said, making her point. “You go have fun and stop bugging me,” she added.

Morgan shrugged. He patted his friend on the shoulder and called out for Hotch and Rossi to hurry up. One by one the team members – except JJ – stopped by her desk and asked her to drop the work for the day without any luck.

After another two hours, Emily finished writing her report. She was tired and her body ached. She groaned as she stood up – she had spent the whole day sitting down and she felt so stiff. She looked around the office and found that everybody on her floor had already gone home. She sighed. She needed to go home now too.

She gathered her stuff and walked out of the office. She had walked no more than a few steps when she felt the world spin around her. She swayed and leaned on the nearest wall. Uh oh, she thought, this is not good.

She brushed her sweaty forehead with her hand and her frown deepened. Am I getting a stupid fever? She groaned at the thought. The slender woman let her coat and bag drop to the floor before she slumped down, sitting cross-legged. She pressed the back of her head to the wall to lessen the pounding. “This is so not funny,” she muttered.

The brunette contemplated for awhile whether or not she should drive home in her condition. She thought she was strong enough to drive but she didn’t want to take the chance of ending up in a hospital bed. That would be the last thing she needed. She sighed. She thought of calling her mother’s chauffeur to come pick her up, but that was another bad idea – if her mother knew she was ill, she would not leave Emily alone. She didn’t want Elizabeth Prentiss to be around her, criticizing everything about her, when she wasn’t fit to reply with sarcasm.

Oh well, I’ll just spend the night in my car then, Emily decided. She picked her bag and coat and half-dragged herself to the parking area, several levels below. The parking area was cold and Emily shivered a little. She opened up her car and climbed into the back seat. Before she lay down on the leather seat, she threw her car keys on the floor, along with her coat and bag. It was cold in her car, but she couldn’t bring herself to turn on the car engine. She was too tired. Within minutes, Emily fell asleep.


“I am... stubborn, and I admit it, so it’s okay.”

                                                                                                                                                -Mila Kunis-

a/n: Any thoughts?
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