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Fic: World Spins Madly On (2/?)

Title: World Spins Madly On (2/?)
Author: Red
Pairing: Emily/JJ
Rating: PG-ish
Disclaimer: not mine *doh!*
Author's note: Again, I don't know if you'll like this. Thank you very much for all the comments, you're all great! :D
Thank you and dedication: Ex, as always, you're an angel. For my D, tequiero mucho!

Okay, here we go to...


Chapter 2

“Friends are concerned about our safety”

                                                                                                                                                                -Mark Kwapis-


At the club, JJ was having a hard time having fun. She didn’t know why, but Emily’s reaction earlier had bothered her a lot. She kept on glancing at her watch and unconsciously wondering if her friend had finished her paperwork and gone home. She regretted not asking the brunette if something was wrong, and she regretted not stopping by Emily’s desk to say goodbye before they left the office.

The blonde had thought of calling Emily on her cell, but refrained from doing so – just in case Emily needed some time alone. The problem was that JJ couldn’t stop thinking about her. Emily was a great person to hang out with; she always managed to crack silly jokes and make funny retorts in almost every situation.

JJ glanced at Garcia; the blonde agent was having a great time with Morgan. Garcia was also a wonderful person to hang out with. She was hilarious – even Rossi had admitted that once. JJ smiled. Garcia was one of her closest friends and she was grateful to have her. And Emily; the brunette was also her close friend. The woman sighed as her mind wandered back to Emily. Tonight’s night out had felt different in a way – and she knew that it was because of Emily’s absence.

“You don’t look like you’re having fun, JJ,” Hotch nudged her elbow with his beer mug. “Something bothering you?” the unit chief asked concerned. He had noticed how tense the media liaison had been since they had left the office.

The younger woman nodded. “I’m just tired,” she said, avoiding the questioning look in Hotch eyes.

Aaron Hotchner patted his subordinate on the shoulder, “Relax a bit. You deserve it. And don’t worry about Emily, she’ll be fine.”

JJ’s head whipped upwards at the mention of Emily’s name. “How did you... I didn’t...” she stammered.

The unit chief chuckled, “You’ve been looking at your watch since we got here, JJ. And I know that Emily is one of your closest friends – we all want to be surrounded by our friends when we’re having fun, right? Now if you’re tired, why don’t you go home and rest some yourself?” Hotch then turned his attention to Rossi, who was talking – or more like listening – to Reid.

JJ glanced at her watch for the last time – it was past ten pm and she decided that it was time to call Emily. She reached for her phone and speed dialled Emily’s phone. She let it ring until it went to voicemail. She frowned; and she tried again. After trying three more times in vain, JJ decided to go to Emily’s house.

She told her colleagues that she was calling it a night and bade them goodbye. What she didn’t tell them was that she planned on driving all the way to Emily’s house to see if the woman needed anything. Now that she thought about it, Emily had looked a little pale that morning. JJ rushed to her car and started the ignition. She hit the gas and hastily drove away.


It took JJ about half an hour to reach Emily’s house. She was surprised – and a bit disappointed when she saw that Emily’s car was not parked in her normal spot. She tried to call her house phone but again, the call went straight to Emily’s voicemail. She thought for a moment before driving away. The only other place Emily might be at now was the office. She took a quick look at the digital clock on the dashboard. It was eleven. JJ sighed inwards. Emily Prentiss, you really need to prioritize, she muttered in her head.

As JJ got into the parking area, her eyes wandered around. There were still several cars parked on the parking garage, but her trained eyes quickly looked them over. She knew what car Emily drove and where she usually parked it. She caught a glimpse of Emily’s SUV and she parked her car next to it. JJ didn’t bother checking inside the car, instead, she rushed into the office. She kept on pressing the up button for the lift, hoping that by doing so, the thing would move faster.

The blonde half ran into the bullpen and almost tripped twice on the way. She stood wide-eyed in the middle of the room when she saw that the office was empty. “Emily?” she called out; she was beginning to worry. She walked over Emily’s desk and saw that her coat and bag weren’t there. Panic began to settle in her stomach and she didn’t like it. She strolled as fast as she could to Rossi’s office, only to find it locked from the outside. Emily’s comment about him being an anal-retentive neat freak resounded in JJ’s head but this time, it didn’t make her laugh. She tried Hotch’s office but no one was there, either.

She stopped to think. There was no way Emily could sleep in Garcia’s office, it was too small. She eyed the break room, it was empty. Then she remembered her office. She smiled, trying to calm herself. In more than one occasion when the brunette had been too tired to drive home, she had spent the night in JJ’s office. The liaison then walked quickly to her office. She opened her door as quietly as possible, just in case Emily was asleep.

JJ felt cold when she found her office also empty. Where are you, Emily? she asked in her head. She entered the lift and pressed the down button. JJ suddenly remembered that she hadn’t checked Emily’s car. She smacked her forehead with her hand and rushed out of the lift to where their cars were parked.

“Emily?” She called out to her friend as she approached the car. She didn’t even lower her voice. She thought it was silly of Emily, sleeping in her car like this. It wasn’t winter, but the weather was still chilly. “Em?” She pulled the handle of the backseat door and opened it.

To her surprise, the car wasn’t locked. And it was empty. No one was inside the car. JJ blinked; as if by blinking, Emily would suddenly appear on the seat. Her heart beat faster and she began to panic. She reached her phone and dialled Emily’s number again. JJ almost jumped when she heard a loud ringtone from under the backseat. She squatted and found Emily’s phone – along with her car keys, coat and bag – there.

Without thinking, JJ called Hotch. She could hear the loud noise at the background as the man picked up the phone; Hotch was still at the club. “Hotch,” JJ said, her voice filled with panic and fear – she was about to cry. “Hotch, I can’t find Emily.”


“Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth -- more than ruin -- more even than death.... Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit.”

                                                                                                                                                -Bertrand Russell-

a/n: Any thought? what do you think?
Tags: fandom: criminal minds

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