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Fic: World Spins Madly On (4/?)

Title: World Spins Madly On (4/?)
Author: Red
Pairing: Emily/JJ
Rating: PG-ish
Disclaimer: Not mine
Author's note: Someone blackmailed me to post this chapter earlier that I've intended and she's lucky it's already beta-ed! I hope everyone will enjoy this one. I'm not sure where to take it from here... this area is new for me. I'd love to hear what you think, tho. And please tell me if the plot is too slow. I'm going to do something about it.
Thank you: Ex, my beta, you're a star!

And here is..


Chapter 4

“Never deprived someone of hope; it might be all they have”


Location: FBI: BAU, Hotch’s office

Time: 01:03 am

JJ was unable to avert her eyes from the screen before her. She couldn’t comprehend how someone could just drive into a secure parking building and take an agent out without anyone noticing. They had been replaying the security camera feed in the parking area over and over.

At four minutes past eight, the security camera showed Emily walking – or what looked more like dragging – herself to her car. It showed the tall woman getting into the backseat of her car and closing the door. A few minutes later a dark SUV was seen approaching Emily’s car. The driver got out of the car and without hesitation opened Emily’s car door, carried the woman into his – or her – own car, and slowly drove away.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Rossi finally said frustrated. Every pair of eyes turned to look at him. “The Unsub didn’t even stop and look around; it’s as if he knew that Emily was in her car. He didn’t even look around to see if he chose the right car. It’s as if...”

“He had been targeting Emily in the first place,” Hotch continued grimly. If this attack was not random, then Emily might be in bigger trouble. He avoided saying it out loud. Somehow by not saying it everything turn out better on its own.

Everyone shifted nervously. Who would target an FBI agent as their victim? Nobody in their right minds would think of kidnapping an FBI agent right out of a building full of highly trained agents. But then again, it had just happened to one of them.

“Don’t we have to contact Emily’s parents?” JJ asked. The thought of having to call the Ambassador made her feel uneasy. Even though Emily hardly spoke about her family, JJ could see that the brunette was not on really good terms with them, especially with her mother. She had never mentioned  her father – and now JJ wondered if Emily’s relationship with the man was as disastrous as it was with her mother.

Hotch shook his head; the thought of having to tell Ambassador Prentiss about her daughter made him frown deeper. “No,” he said. “At least not tonight. I will make the call personally, JJ. And I will inform Section Chief Strauss about it right now – she would want to know.” Before lifting his phone, he told Garcia to track the satellite stream around the time of the kidnapping, and he asked Morgan to talk with the parking building’s guard. Rossi took Reid to check how many people were in the building when it happened.

JJ didn’t move from where she was seated. She pulled up another feed that Garcia had taken from the security camera, the one that showed her friend swooning and sitting down on the floor. Emily was sick; JJ was sure of it now. She didn’t realize that she had reached out to touch the computer until her finger met the coldness of the screen. She pulled her hand back, glancing at Hotch. She was relieved that Hotch was still talking with Strauss seriously, his back facing her. From the little that she heard, she knew that Strauss was giving him hell.

She sighed. Please be okay, Emily, she thought. She closed the monitor and stood up. She needed to do something to get her mind off of the worst outcomes. She left Hotch’s office. The last thing she had heard before closing the door behind her was Hotch’s angry tone saying, “I don’t believe my job is at stake right now, Ma’am. You were the one who put Agent Prentiss in the BAU, and this is not the right time to talk about it.”

JJ was so angry. Emily was in danger and all Strauss thought about was her own reputation! It pissed her off. She strutted to Garcia’s office, restraining the urge to go back to Hotch’s office, yank the phone away from him, and give Erin Strauss a piece of her mind. Her heart was bleeding – and she didn’t know why the thought of losing Emily was less bearable than the thought of losing Reid when he had been taken by Henkel. Because Emily means more than Reid could ever mean to you, a little voice tried to rationalize. She ignored it.


Location: Unknown

Time: 01.00 am

Emily didn’t realize that she had really screamed out for help until a strong, calloused hand covered her mouth, muffling her voice. She tried to move her hand – but the hand holding her down was too strong. She forced her eyes open – only to see nothing but blinding darkness around her.

“Get the needle here!” the same voice ordered harshly and Emily heard footsteps running away from wherever she was now. “Behave, Emily,” the voice was soft, but bore a spiteful threat.

The footsteps came back – with the needle, Emily assumed. She struggled weakly and she let out a small groan as she felt the person knell on top of her – she heard a rib, or two, crack inside. The pain was so bad it blinded her. The pain was soon replaced by haziness, as her captor injected whatever drugs were in the syringe.

The brunette started to feel numb; she couldn’t control her limbs, but she didn’t pass out. She flinched a little when the hand caressed her cheek. “I adore you so much, don’t you know, Emily? I’ve been watching you. Lucy has been watching you, too.”

Emily gritted her teeth, fighting the drugs that started to cripple her body and thoughts. She hissed, “You will never break me!”

The person laughed. “That’s what everyone said, Emily,” it whispered. “Now why don’t we get you out of this thing? You’re sweating,” Emily felt the hand move to unbutton her blouse. She tried to scream, but this time, nothing came out.

Emily lay fully conscious – with no control over her own body. She couldn’t see, she couldn’t move, she couldn’t make a sound. And the worst part was that she could still feel everything; she could still hear everything.

The ill woman forced herself to shut down her remaining senses as the hand removed her top off of her. A tear fell from the side of her eyes when she felt it moved lower to her pants. She tried to think of something else and out of nowhere a pair of bright blue eyes came across her mind. She relaxed a little... and her mind began to drift away.

Jennifer, she whispered in her mind. My Jennifer, take me home...


"Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist but you have ceased to live."

                                                                                                                                                  -Mark Twain-

a/n: thoughts, anyone? I won't bite. :)
Tags: fandom: criminal minds, pairing: emily/jj

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